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December 10, 2012

Decoration for my self-portrait finally set up. The only thing left to do now is just to place myself in front if the gramophone and sit down with no movement for about forty minutes, hopefully that will be enough time for my pin-hole camera to take a photograph….fingers crossed!!!




December 9, 2012


mc photography / iPhone photograph of black and white print/


kind of nightscape

December 9, 2012

mc photography / iPhone photograph
of black and white print/

I recently take a lot of photographs at night, as an exercise for my visual communication project. This photograph of a tree shadow  was taken around a week ago, by using bulb, at f11, time- 9 seconds, I ‘m very proud of the moon I was able to capture, even the clouds were moving so fast that night.


some more of my stuff

December 5, 2012

I found an interesting place just around a mile from my house. Never knew it was there. All you can see is neverending field with the lonely tree in the middle of it. Thought it was kind of beauty…and now I have my tree…

mc photography / iPhone photograph of a btack and white print/


Linda McCartney – the tambourine girl

December 3, 2012

Oh Linda!

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If I could only know;..

Why well known and talented photographer, such as Linda McCartney, would ever gave up professional career, to became a tambourine player,;and with all the respect, not even a good one….?

Linda McCartney Photography

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picture ctredit

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Werner Bischof I’ve just mimicked your photograph!

November 29, 2012

after three nervous brakdowns, seven heart attacks, large amount of sleepless nights I finally achieved my  print , still far from perfect, but better then nothing.


marta czajkowska photography /iphone photograph of a black  and white print/

Werner Bishof

Sleeping beauty 1941

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a short story about an Elephant

November 27, 2012

There is a yellow road mark on my way to work which I pass by every day. But it is not just a road mark for me. I cant get out of my head that it looks like yellow elephant. Im telling this story just to check is there anybody in this world who like myself can see an elephant, cause it definitely is one.!!!!!

isn’t it??

to make it easier I performed some  drawing


mc photography  /iphone photograph of a black and white print/