‘ Let me tell you about the girl I know… ’

…Her mouth never shuts up , her ears and her eyes always wide open…

…And while Coltraine’s  Blue Train is breaking the silence;  surrounded by her instruments, books, photographs , picture frames, candle holders, handbags, shoes, and more picture frames and even more candle holders, just sitting on her third or even fourth hand rocking chair , she feels the happiest.

*  Marta Czajkowska *

/ born in Cracow / College of Music graduate / studied Philosophy at Jagiellonian  University /

/ emigrated to Dublin in 2006 / currently studying BA / Photographic Media at Griffith College Dublin/

tabula rasa

I’ve just started this blog.

I’m living my Photography dream now; finally doing what I’ve always wanted to. This blog is strictly connected to my ;  let’s call it – Photographic Journey. I have never blogged before and  if it was a book;  AN  EXCITEMENT would be a perfect name for its first chapter.

….but Is there anybody going to fallow my story?… well, hope so.  I want to leave behind for a while my digital experience and become a photographic tabula rasa, my blog will be more of a little experiment then a barrel of knowledge, the concept is:  whatever I  learn  I’ll share.

And I really will do so   –   I’ll  share it all !!!

35mm manual camera,  film , dark room and myself.

another page.


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