what to say, what to say

October 18, 2012

It’s been two weeks since I started my experiment with manual black and white photography.

So far only one, but  probably  the biggest issue I’m facing,  is the fact of being unable to review my work instantly , like I’m so used to. Reviewing  photographs is simply the quickest possible way of learning from your own mistakes ,which means that , whatever went wrong  can be fixed at the same place, with the same light conditions, with not time waist what so ever.

I’m just so inpatient.  Can’t help  it.  Having my, let say, twenty few photographs taken inside my camera and not be able to see them; kills me; so I had to come up with a compromise and satisfy myself tiny little bit by having my digital camera beside me while I am working with a film one.

Shooting in digital at the same time also brings a benefit  of  sharing   pieces of my work a lot faster.


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